Lantech LPES-2208CA

Lantech LPES-2208CA (PresseBox) (Klingenberg, ) .
- 8 10/100TX + 2 10/100/1000T/Dual Speed SFP Combo Managed Switch w/ 8 PoE Injectors
- Pro-Ring covers X-Ring, Couple Ring, and Dual Homing Topology
- X-Ring provides recovery time < 10ms up to 250 units in one Ring
- Fully complies with IEEE802.3af PoE standard

Lantech LPES-2208CA is a 8-Port 10/100TX built in 8 PoE Injectors + 2-Port 10/100/1000T / Dual Speed SFP combo Managed Switch with SNMP and "X-Ring" Self-Heal Recovery functionality. The SNMP features are including QoS for 4 queues, 801.q VLAN, IGMP snooping and query mode as well as SNTP and SMTP.

Lantech LPES-2208CA supports Pro-Ring, fast network recovery scheme in less than 10ms. Couple Ring is to ensure network recovery protection between two Pro-Ring groups. Dual homing is to back up the Pro-Ring groups when connect to upper layer or core switch.

LPES-2208CA supports 48V input power and fully complies with IEEE802.3af feeding power up to 15.4W per port up to 8 ports via twisted pair cable.

Lantech LPES-2208CA is the best switch to use in Surveillance, Traffic Management, Automation, Airport, Wireless backhaul etc where PoE function and SNMP are required.


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