Using Lasers to Make Lasers

Lasers Processing in Fiber laser Production: Improve performance, increase yield, reduce manufacturing costs with OpTek's Fiber Processing Services
OpTek Systems offers a range of dedicate optical fiber processing tools with a track record of excellent performance in the production environment (PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) From the early 1990's OpTek Systems has been applying its proprietary laser processing technology to the challenges presented in the use of optical fiber. Originally developed to service the rapidly growing demands of the broadband telecommunications industry, OpTek's LaserCleave processes provided the means to terminate fibers in a range of geometries from simple flat and angled facets, to complex optical lens forms required to optimize diode-to-fiber coupling. At that time the driver for this development was a need to improve optical quality of fiber terminations for long-haul applications, beyond the capabilities of tradition mechanical techniques, coupled with the need for significant increase in volumes and the desire to automate production.

This period saw an exceptional level of investment across the industry, resulting in significant developments in optical fiber systems. Following the crash of the telecom market in the early 2000's the industry looked to see where else these developments could be exploited and the fiber laser was one obvious candidate. Since this time the industrial fiber laser has gone from strength to strength, with development and diversity in power levels, wavelengths and pulse lengths. The push towards high power, short wavelength, short pulsed laser is great news for applications in materials processing and precision laser micromachining but creates additional demands on the fiber and in particular the terminations or interfaces.

In response to the evolving need of industry, OpTek has adapted and continues to develop the LaserCleave process to accommodate a broad range of fiber processing tasks in a wide range of applications, including fiber laser. Today we are able to address a number of aspects of the fiber laser architecture from stripping coatings, coupling light in and out, combining multiple fibers, creating and attaching a wide variety of end caps and the management of cladding modes.

OpTek Systems offers a range of dedicate optical fiber processing tools with a track record of excellent performance in the production environment. With facilities in Europe, USA and Asia we also provide sub-contract processing services and expert consultancy to assist with new product development, product improvement and volume production requirements.

Meet OptTek Systems at the booth of AMS Technologies B2.203 during LASER World of Photonics in Munich 22-25. June 2015


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