Universal Scientific Industrial de Mexico S. A. de C.V. Selects the VERSAFLOW 3/66 Dual Track

Ersa USI VF366 Purchase (PresseBox) (Plymouth, WI, ) Kurtz Ersa North America, a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, announces that it recently sold a new VERSAFLOW 3/66 selective soldering machine to Universal Scientific Industrial de Mexico (USI) S. A. de C.V. The system was installed and is in use at USI's plant in Jalisco, Mexico.

USI purchased a dual conveyor unit with two fluxers and segmented top and bottom preheaters. Additionally, it has two solder modules and a total of four solder pots within the machine. Enrique Diaz, Industrial Manager, stated, "We chose ERSA because they are the only supplier in the market that offers dual conveyors. In addition to our excellent relationship with the ERSA team, they offer low maintenance costs, high performance and high quality yields close to 100 percent."

The VERSAFLOW 3/66 is the world's leading platform for selective soldering. The proven third generation technology offers the highest flexibility and highest volume throughput for PCBs sized up to 24" x 24". The use of high-precision servo gantry systems, electromagnetic pumping systems, dual solder pot capability, top- and bottom-side preheating capability, and modularity make ERSA the leader in selective soldering.

For more information about Universal Scientific Industrial de Mexico (USI) S. A. de C.V., visit www.usi.com.tw.

For more information about Kurtz Ersa North America, visit www.ersa.com.


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