New IDC MaturityScape Provides Framework for Delivering an Optimized Omni-Experience in the Digital Economy

(PresseBox) (Framingham, MA, ) International Data Corporation (IDC)’s new Omni-Experience Digital Transformation MaturityScape (Document # 255754) provides a framework for leaders to discuss and develop plans for creating and capitalizing on a multidimensional ecosystem approach for business that continually amplifies experiences and adds business value. According to the new report, companies that are able to deliver an optimized omni-experience as part of their digital transformation journey should be able to continually attract and grow loyalty with customers, partners, and employees across the entire ecosystem. This IDC MaturityScape will help business and technology leaders assess the current state and readiness of their abilities to do so by identifying the stages, dimensions, outcomes, and actions required to execute this approach successfully.

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This IDC MaturityScape categorizes business capabilities for omni-experience DX across five levels (ad hoc, opportunistic, repeatable, managed, and optimized) that represent a progression of increasing maturity of omni-experience capabilities and actions. They are a measure of an organization's ability to create and execute a multidimensional ecosystem approach to continually amplify experience excellence for products and/or services. Specifically, this report serves as a guide to identify areas in need of improvement in support of digital transformation in four key dimensions:

- Ecosystem experience
- Continuous innovation orientation
- Platform service delivery
- Omni-dimensional marketing

Great omni-experience DX applies insights uncovered through the analysis of historical, contextual, and direct interactions and purchases to continually redefine and innovate products and services. Importantly, the autonomic integration of insights objectifies and speeds market responsiveness. As outlined in the new MaturityScape, an organization with a high-functioning level of omni-experience DX demonstrates the following qualities:

- Creating unique differentiating experiences is a cornerstone of an organizational strategy.
- Listening and learning through all internal and external market cues are core to predictive market responsiveness.
- A culture of innovation permeates all area of the organization.
- Rewards and incentives offered for all members of the ecosystem.
- Seamless, engaging omni-channel customer experiences are the norm.
- Processes, products, and assets are highly instrumented, contextually aware, and autonomic.
- Continuous change and disruption experienced inside and outside of the organization.
- Processes are automated where humans don't add value.

The framework unveiled in IDC's Omni-Experience DX MaturityScape takes into account the ripple effect of multidimensional marketing and the data feedback that can inform omni-experience innovation, and highlights a major reorientation toward accounting for and increasing the value of the entire ecosystem to survive, or indeed thrive, as a part of the company's digital transformation journey. A follow-on, benchmark report for omni-experience digital experience, will assist businesses in evaluating their position relative to that of competitors.

“Omni-experiences transcend the direct experience, and they are born and delivered multi-dimensionally,” said Leslie Hand and Philip Carter, IDC analysts within IDC's Research Network. “Omni-experience DX requires that companies measure the value of fully amplified messaging and that they can clearly identify the influences, impressions, and triggers that improve the performance of delivered products and services. Companies that understand the discrete and additive marketplace value of the actions they take to design, make, sell, and fulfill market leading offers will repeatedly disrupt markets and outperform the competitive field as a result.”

IDC's Omni-Experience MaturityScape is part of a new series of Digital Transformation (DX) MaturityScapes, across five key dimensions: Leadership DX, Omni-Experience DX, WorkSource DX, Operating Model DX, and Information DX. To learn more, please visit

For additional information about this report or to arrange a one-on-one briefing with Leslie Hand or Philip Carter, please contact Sarah Murray at 781-378-2674 or Reports are available to qualified members of the media. For information on purchasing reports, contact; reporters should email

About IDC MaturityScapes

IDC MaturityScapes are used by IT executives and their enterprise partners to have a structured way to identify their current level of maturity, and the gap between where they are and where they want to be to maintain competitive balance or achieve industry superiority. Using IDC MaturityScapes is a way to reduce the friction of change, to make more precise investments, and to identify the details of governance, process, technology, organization, and other factors that can derail the best-laid technology initiative.


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