Airbus Helicopters' H175 demonstrates its capabilities for the Brazilian oil and gas industry

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- The helicopter will stopover at Cabo Frio, Macaé and Rio de Janeiro
- The company's support and services also are to be highlighted for Brazilian and Latin American Operators

Brazil's oil and gas sector will experience the performance, reliability, comfort and safety of Airbus Helicopters' new H175 during a demonstration tour for the super-medium class rotorcraft.

The H175's schedule will bring this latest-generation helicopter to two of the main bases that support off-shore operations: Cabo Frio, on 8 June; and Macaé, on 9-10 June, as well as stopovers at Rio de Janeiro's Jacarepaguá Airport on 11-12 June.

Airbus Helicopters' H175 was designed to meet the most demanding oil and gas industry airlift missions. It offers new levels of comfort with the largest cabin in its class, as well as low in-flight vibration and noise levels; while providing highly cost-effective service, with a maximum payload capacity of 16 passengers, low fuel consumption and the range to reach 90 percent of Brazil's offshore installations.

Operational reliability is another strength of the H175, having already demonstrated its high availability in more than 800 flight hours performed by customers since deliveries began last December.

The H175 is a perfect complement to Airbus Helicopters' heavy-lift H225, of which 14 are deployed by three major operators in Brazil. As a tandem offered only by Airbus Helicopters, the H175 and H225 are able to support the country's oil and gas sector development in terms of range and payload.

"Airbus Helicopters is committed to its continued support of Brazil's oil and gas sector by offering the best products - backed by a full range of services," said Christopher Grainger, Airbus Helicopters' Vice President Oil and Gas. "Today, some 50 of our rotorcraft are flown by the country's energy operators, having accumulated more than 350,000 flight hours."

The company's Rio de Janeiro symposium for Latin American operators, which took place on 27 May, focused on the capabilities of Airbus Helicopters' rotorcraft, as well as its comprehensive support and services offer for the region's oil and gas operators.

This meeting also highlighted Airbus Helicopters' regional resources, which includes the Brazilian Helibras subsidiary. Helibras has created a new structure, called the Fleet Center, to support operators that fly to the offshore oil platforms located along Brazil's coast - using a dedicated multidisciplinary team from Helibras and Airbus Helicopters to perform technical support for a rotorcraft fleet that operates a large number of flight hours daily and demands very high aircraft availability.

Located at Rio de Janeiro, the Fleet Center is staffed by field technical representatives who are available to work with the customer technical and maintenance personnel at their sites in anticipating solutions and maintaining a high level of fleet availability and operational safety. A training and simulator center will be opened this October 2015 that includes a full-flight simulator for the H225 and its H225M military version.


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