AMS Technologies to demonstrate four new Photonics Technologies at LASER World of PHOTONICS

Innovative Solutions for Metrology, Micro Machining, Industrial Illumination and Photonics Cooling to be displayed at the AMS Technologies booth
A multi-wavelength micro lensed laser source and a light diffusing fiber are demonstrated during LASER World of PHOTONICS to discuss the use of special illumination solutions. (PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) AMS Technologies, Europe's leading solution provider and distributor for Optical, Power and Thermal Management Technologies, today announced several new technology demonstrations to be shown at Laser World of Photonics. These demonstrations include a low cost narrow line width 1550nm solution, a 1064nm ultrashort laser pulse shaping technology, a demonstration of light diffusing fiber and next generation TEC and compressor based very compact Photonics Cooling Solutions.

Narrow Line Width 1550nm Solution

Based around technologies from its partners Pure Photonics and Lightcomm, AMS will demonstrate a low cost narrow line width, 1550nm solution with a high performance compact amplifier for low noise signals to target various applications in LIDAR , Metrology and Fiber Sensing space.

Ultrafast Laser Pulse Shaping Solution for 1064nm

Together with AMS' partners Southern Photonics and Finisar, a 1064nm ultrashort fiber laser signal will be shaped and manipulated with a programmable optical filter to target micro machining and bio medical applications. A technical session discussing those techniques will be held on Wednesday 24th of June, interested parties can register for the session on

Industrial Illuminations

BlueSkyResearch's multi-wavelength micro lensed laser source and Corning's light diffusing fiber are demonstrated to discuss the use of special illumination solutions. The solution goes where bulky lighting elements cannot, making it the right choice for space constrained applications.

Photonics Cooling

Comparing the two main cooling technologies used in Photonics Cooling, TECs and Compressors, AMS and it's partners Solid State Cooling and Samsung are demonstrating various compact chiller products and prototypes. The need for temperature stability, low noise and vibration, various control and interface methodologies as well as the use of a closed water loop for no-maintenance chillers will be discussed and demonstrated.

We are proud to show you our Turnkey Solutions for Optical, Power and Thermal Management Technologies during Laser World of Photonics Munich - GERMANY, from 22nd to 25th June 2015.

Meet us on our booth in hall B2.203


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