The Interactive Changing Room

In-store task management system (TKT)
The changing room integrated with (PresseBox) (Gütersloh, )
  • arvato Systems North America and hybris develop Omni-Commerce innovation
  • An in-store customer and sales rep communication solution
(arvato Systems NA) New York, NY USA – hybris, an SAP company and leader in Commerce solutions and arvato Systems North America have jointly developed an exciting Omni-Commerce innovation within their exclusive hybris labs collaboration: An in-store customer and sales rep communication solution - The in-store task management system (TKT).

The first use case of the joint hybris labs and arvato Systems project is the utilization within an in-store changing room (shown below). However, the solution can also be utilized as a general mobile, multi-store task management and communication tool and can be extended to take inventory into account as well. For example a customer could check on an in-store tablet whether the pair of shoes she wants to purchase is available in her size and send a request to bring the desired size to her to try.

The changing room integrated with TKT in detail
  1. Recognizes which pieces of clothing you brought into the room via RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification)
  2. Displays your chosen pieces on a tablet in your changing room
  3. If you realize you would like the item e.g. in a different color or size you can use the tablet to open a task for the store associates outside
  4. All store associates will get a notification of your request in their TKT mobile app
  5. One store associate will pick up your request, visible to the others, and deliver your desired piece of clothing
  6. The store associate can give you recommendations about similar products you may like
  7. Share with you friends! Post your new outfit directly and without effort online
The TKT is based on a micro-service architecture and already makes full use of the core services provided in the new hybris-as-a-service (YaaS) platform and cloud environment. Offering integrations with android, iOS and google glass, TKT demonstrates how in-store real-time communication can be solved. The TKT system is also the first partner solution that is live on the newly announced YaaS platform and kicks off the collaboration between hybris and arvato Systems North America to build solutions for this new cloud platform and AppExchange.


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