MEGA Laser Power Meter Head measures 1 mW to > 2 kW, without cooling

(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Laser 2000 stellt auch dieses Jahr wieder auf der LASER World of PHOTONICS in München aus.

Es besteht vom 22.06. - 25.06.2015 die Möglichkeit, in der Halle B3 am Stand 103 mehr über das attraktive Portfolio von Firebird Sensors, Inc. zu erfahren.

Als Produkt-Highlight für die LASER World of PHOTONICS in München präsentiert der Partner Firebird Sensors, Inc. unter anderem:

MEGA Laser Power Meter Head measures 1 mW to > 2 kW, without cooling

Firebird Sensors, Inc. (FSI) has begun shipping its revolutionary new MEGA Laser Power Meter (LPM). It uses a patented, single crystal Silicon Carbide sensor to allow it to deliver unparalleled performance.

“The MEGA allows, for the first time ever, a single uncooled Laser Power Meter head to measure from 1 mW to over 2 kW of average laser power, at all laser wavelengths”, states Dr. James Parsons, FSI CEO.

A unique attribute of the MEGA sensor is its ability to withstand extremely high-energy pulses, without damage. The MEGA’s high damage threshold was observed by Craig Brideau, Engineering Scientist at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He irradiated the Firebird sensor with 1037nm pulses, emitted from a Yb:Fiber laser for 35 minutes and could not damage it; the average and peak power densities were 1,000 kW/cm2 and 1013 W/cm2, respectively.

Other key attributes of the MEGA Laser Power Meter include its elimination of costly and time-consuming recalibrations, given that it never drifts; its accuracy that is unaffected by laser beeam shape, size, or position on the sensor; and its ability to successively perform power measurements, without time-consuming recovery delays.

“The MEGA differentiates itself from other Laser Power Meters in the way it reduces the total cost of ownership by delivering major productivity gains” states Dr. Kendler, Firebird Product Development Engineer.

“After over three years proving our technology in the military marketplace,” states Dr. James Parsons, “we are pleased to bring the MEGA to the entire marketplace.”

FSI will be showing the MEGA LPM at the Laser 2000 GmbH booth at LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS 2015 in Munich, Germany from June 22 to June 25.

Firebird Sensors, Inc. Information
Firebird Sensors, Inc. manufactures a Laser Power Meter with patented single crystal Silicon Carbide sensor technology that is particularly well suited to measure the power of high energy and high power pulsed and CW lasers.


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