Connectivity is the key for efficient technical documentation

VCmaster’s unique t2W interface
VCmaster enables the output of all structural analysis and CAD programs. The result is comprehensive technical documentation with a continuous and uniform layout such as for the headline, footer pagination and table of content. (PresseBox) (Fellbach (Stuttgart), ) With its innovative software VCmaster, Veit Christoph GmbH, a software developer based in Germany, offers a software-application that is capable of compiling uniform and continuous documents from different software-sources and data.

The unique t2W-interface integrated into VCmaster ensures the data transfer from various external software applications allowing a seamless unification of texts, graphics, sketches, tables as well as specialist software and specific information; for example manufacturing guidelines.

The innovative t2W-interface merges numerous types of data into one single document, with the benefit of a uniform appearance. The software's cross-product concept allows for the implementation of all types of software. This ingenious concept closes a crucial gap in technical digital documentation.

"VCmaster brings together all collected information in one single place, allowing for efficient organisation of all planning processes. Accuracy, currency and availability of all this data is an essential part of commercial success." states Veit Christoph, founder and CEO of Veit Christoph GmbH.

VCmaster's inventive approach enables the user to include new comments and annotations to already existing documents. This results in a consistent document with uniform formatting such as page numbering or headers and footnotes. The export of the finished documentation in PDF format positively supports the filing process and optimises documentation management within the engineering office.

"With VCmaster engineers and technicians have software at their disposal that creates cutting-edge technical documentation with limitless options." says Veit Christoph.

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