Crowd Dialog Europe celebrates its premiere in Helsinki

(PresseBox) (München, ) On August 27th, 2015, Crowd Dialog Europe celebrates its opening event in the Finnish capital Helsinki. On that day, the Who's Who of European crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and crowdinnovation-scene will meet at the historic Astoria Sali. More than 300 representatives from business, academia and politics will discuss with host Michael Gebert the most current findings and changes in the industry. The event will be held under the motto "United Knowledge".

Participants from 28 European countries will meet on August 27th 2015 in Helsinki, Finland for the first international event of Crowd Dialog Europe. Visitors will gain insight into the phenomenon of swarm-based innovation processes, financing scenarios and working models for potential new business fields as well as trends for their own use and participation.

Leading representatives and experts from more than 23 European countries will critically discuss new employment models and future forms of cooperation. In global competition with its demand for more flexible and open structures, companies are increasingly challenged to keep pace with the constantly changing requirements of working-time-models that attract young professionals.

Designated industry experts, such as dutch country patron Ronald Kleverlaan will take the participants on a journey into the world of finance clusters, and show how to use a crowd related model to finance ideas. In the future, flexible financing solutions will be needed to raise equity and/or outside capital. At the same time those solutions offer the chance of higher interest rates versus conventional forms of investment. The event will illuminate the opportunities and risks, and put them into a regulatory context.

Innovation is the engine of our economy and will continue to change the world more quickly and profoundly. Experts from all over Europe will analyze current trends for more "innovationship" with the market leaders of the business, as well as the effects on innovation methodology and on involved stake-holder groups in a business to business context.

Initiator Michael Gebert, who has organized the Crowd Dialog in Munich as the leading industry event already several times, has now won numerous reputable partners for the first Crowd Dialog Europe. "The Digital Agenda is on everyone's lips and together we will achieve more," explains Dagmar Ossenbrink, managing director of the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce. "We are very pleased, to be co-organizer of the Crowd Dialog Europe in Helsinki. As a German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, we would like to combine the best of both countries and look forward to many interesting projects that will spring from the event. Let us be your partner for internationalization. We are ready to begin!"

Among others, the City of Helsinki, the EU-Commission, DIGILE, and the European neighbor Estonia are actively engaged in the organization of the CrowdDialog Europe.

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About CrowdDialog Europe - united knowledge:

On August 27th the CrowdDialog Europe will take place at the historic Astoria Sali in Helsinki. The conference will provide huge value for future-oriented decision-makers scientifically sound and comprehensive insights into the phenomenon of crowd-based innovation processes, financing scenarios and working models to identify and evaluate potential new business opportunities and trends in time.

About Dr. Michael Gebert:

For more than 20 years Dr. Michael Gebert is working in the context of the internet. As an expert in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding Dr. Gebert has a doctorate from the University of South Wales (UK). He regularly publishes articles on topics related to crowdfunding, -investing, and -sourcing.

Dr. Gebert is the initiator and organizer of the largest German crowdsourcing, crowdfunding- and crowd-innovation conference "Crowd Dialog". The event came into being as a collaboration with the city of Munich, the Bavarian Ministry of Economy, the Chamber of Commerce of Munich and Upper Bavaria and the EU Commission. At the same time he is regularly invited as panelist and keynote speaker for international crowdsourcing and crowdfunding conferences, like the crowdsourcing Week Singapore or Crowdconf San Francisco.


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