Automobile production in Germany rebounded from its peak and the outlook

The automobile production in Germany had reached its peak since the world economic crisis in March 2015. However, in April production rebounded again. The new Quest report puts these facts into the long-term context since 2008.
Automobile production in Germany in a sideways range since 2011 (PresseBox) (Bochum, ) In March 2015 automobile production reached with 136.4 index points its peak since the outbreak of the world economic crisis according to data from the Federal Statistical Office. In April production rebounded again to 121.5 index points. The new report in the Quest Trend Magazine puts this up and down in the context of the course of production since 2008/2009.

The report highlights that automobile production could exceed its pre-crisis level in 2011. However, this upward movement did not continue.In fact, since then production has been swinging up and down, marking again and again new highs, followed by setbacks. So automobile production in Germany is in a sideways range since 2011. And the top in April as well as the following setback are typical characteristics of a sideways movement.

However, signs are mounting that production and sales could break out from their sideways range in the near future.

The report points to the accumulation of high production values. Sales were clearly above their upper limit of their sideways range in March but rebounded again in April.

The report classifies this development into the course of the world economy and comes to the conclusion that it has beconme more probable that production and sales will leave their sideways ranges to the upside and – forming a new sideways range on a higher level.

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