Semiconductor fab gains advanced operations visibility with cmNavigo MES

Details on implementing fabLIVE into existing MES are available in a case study "Layering in visibility for operations efficiency. Semiconductor fab adds visuals to MES"
(PresseBox) (Dresden, ) Critical Manufacturing today announced the release of a new case study that documents gaining better visibility into operation status at US-based semiconductor company that provides highly integrated solutions for a variety of portable electronics including cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, and smartphones.

The company owns several fabs equipped with standard Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that fulfill the core functions, but fail to provide a clear view into status of operations. The decision to layer a new system on top the existing legacy MES ensured that operators gained visibility and real-time view of the shop floor, allowing for improvement in efficiency.

Within six months after ruling against custom developed application, the company selected Critical Manufacturing's system and deployed it at its three US sites.

"FabLIVE module of cmNavigo MES supports existing systems in a way that our customers gain all-in-one view of their operations without major IT disruption", says Francisco Almada-Lobo, CEO of Critical Manufacturing. "Our modular system gives manufacturers reliable access to their operational intelligence quickly, easily, and at the right level of granularity to make informed decisions".

More details on selection and implementation process are available in a new case study from IYNO Advisors, titled "Layering in visibility for operations efficiency. Semiconductor fab adds visuals to MES". To download the document please visit our homepage


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