New Flexible PCB-POOL® prototyping service

Pool Production of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards
PCB-POOL® offers flexible circuit boards (PresseBox) (Aarbergen, ) Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) offer advantages in many areas of electronics design. Typical examples are parts which have to move during operation or PCBs which have to bend to fit into a limited space of an enclosure. For the development of prototypes Beta LAYOUT now offers the production of flexible PCBs as a pooling service. PCBs from different orders are produced together resulting in lower costs. With the new service, customers benefit not only from lower costs but also from short lead times. Standard delivery is 22 working days; 16 working days is also possible. The flex PCBs are manufactured in Germany, orders can be placed online via the well-established website:

Flexible PCBs are available as single-sided or double-sided. The base material and the coverlay films are produced from polyimide; the copper layer has a thickness of 18 µm. On the website ( Beta LAYOUT provides technical information, which is helpful when using flexible PCBs: Layout recommendations, possible bending radiuses, and a guideline for drying flexible PCBs before assembly can be found.


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