BlueAir-ST air velocity and air mass flow meter

Optional vane probes with diameters of 11 mm, 22 mm und 85 mm are available for the new AFRISO BlueAir-ST air velocity and air mass flow meter. The device can be used in HVAC applications and in laboratories. (Photograph: AFRISO) (PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) The new AFRISO BlueAir-ST air velocity and air mass flow meter was designed to measure air mass flow, flow velocities, temperature and relative humidity. The device displays minimum, maximum and mean values and is suitable for performing adjustment, test and measuring tasks in ventilation ducts and channels, extraction ducts, air conditioning systems, fans, etc. Connections at the top of the device are provided for the optional temperature and humidity probe TFS-BA as well as the optional vane probe MiniAir20, which is available with vane diameters of 11, 22 and 85 mm. The vane probes are equipped with 1.5 m cables to allow for maximum flexibility. The measuring instrument automatically detects all probes. Due to the intuitive menu, BlueAir-ST is very user-friendly. The large TFT colour display shows four easy-to-read measured values simultaneously. The device can be equipped with an optional microSD/microSDHC card to store data. Additional features include the optional data logging function, which automatically stores measured values at adjustable intervals from 0 to 999 seconds. In addition to the classical interfaces such as USB and infrared, the device features the latest Bluetooth technology: "Bluetooth Smart". This allows for easy transfer of measurement data to external devices; pairing of and communication with additional devices, printers and pressure/temperature probes is highly energy-saving. The free Android app "EuroSoft mobile" allows for real-time transfer of measured data to smartphones and tablets and for the visualisation of such data. Measurement logs can also be send via e-mail. BlueAir-ST is available in various sets; however, the user can also select individual components from a comprehensive range of accessories. Thanks to its robustness and accuracy, BlueAir-ST can be used in HVAC applications


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