Intrexx gives SharePoint a helping hand

Get the best of SharePoint by enriching it with flexible apps
Intrexx and SharePoint work seamlessly together (PresseBox) (Freiburg, ) United Planet, the Freiburg based software vendor, is convinced that SharePoint can be made better! The integration of the system with the portal software Intrexx aims at making SharePoint more dynamic and easy to use.

When people talk about collaboration software in companies, Microsoft SharePoint is normally the first solution that comes to mind. It is the most widely used platform of its kind and yet hardly anyone, whether users or IT representatives, is one hundred percent happy with it. United Planet wants to change this and aims to cure the typical pains of SharePoint with its software, Intrexx.

SharePoint: Powerful but pricey!

SharePoint offers many possibilities in the areas of intranet, collaboration and content management. The system is, however, very complex, which raises certain problems. Modifications are very difficult and often external expertise must be consulted to carry out these changes. Considering that Microsoft's official calculations for constructing and maintaining a portal are for every €1 licensing costs, customers can expect to pay €9 in service costs, it is clear how quickly the budget is broken. Even if the required modifications are completed successfully, again and again problems appear with updates and release changes, if the platform was modified internally.

So that consulting costs don't become a showstopper

According to its manufacturer, the portal and integration software, Intrexx, can enhance SharePoint. Workflows and applications can be easily developed in a graphical interface and can be directly connected with SharePoint. This allows for enhanced dynamics. SharePoint can be quickly and cheaply advanced and adapted to accommodate the desired features. It, therefore, remains lean and close to the standard version, which reduces the amount of maintenance required.

Security of investment through the strengths of two systems

The strengths of SharePoint are preserved, for example in the area of ECM. The integration with Intrexx should enrich the system with its increased data integration capabilities and easier methods of customising the solution. As SharePoint can be adapted to processes and user requirements, which are changing faster and faster, using Intrexx, investments that have already been made can be protected.

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