Outage der NYSE

Tweet und Grafiken David Jones (PresseBox) (Neu-Isenburg, ) Gestern fiel die NYSE für fast vier Stunden aus.

Wenn Sie mehr zu den technischen Hintergründen erfahren wollen, informieren Sie die Dnatrace Performance Experten sehr gerne.

Bitte wenden Sie sich an den unten stehenden Pressekontakt.

Despite how much the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) may want to downplay the significance of today’s outage, the fact is that it serves as a global reminder of the ramifications that occur when systems and apps do not perform.

Dynatrace Digital Performance Expert, David Jones is available to discuss the NYSE outage, and the critical importance of digital performance in today’s interconnected, always-on world.

Quotes from David Jones, DIgital Performance Management, @davidlewisjones

“Today’s NYSE outage shows just how critical digital performance management is to today’s financial institutions. In an industry where seconds of delay can translate into millions of dollars in lost revenue, a multi-hour outage can wreak havoc – and that’s just what we’ve seen. Organizations must have the ability to isolate the cause of performance issues in real-time, or as we have seen today, markets and traders can be thrown back to the dark ages.”

“The New York Stock Exchange outage today is a clear reminder why businesses – even those with usually very stable applications -- need to have visibility into their entire application delivery chain to ensure that when problems occur, the root cause can be identified and fixed quickly. Failure to maintain superior digital performance can create chaos and, as we’ve seen today, can have crippling impacts on the businesses running applications, the customers they serve, and the markets they operate in.”


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