BBB now Certified for LiDAR Wind Measurements

Successful reaccreditation also for wind resource evaluation
Excerpt from accreditation document (PresseBox) (Gelsenkirchen, ) Every year the German accreditation body (DAkkS) assesses the working methods of certified consultancies regarding their compliance with the strict quality regulations. After thus being audited, BBB has now attained a new accreditation certificate, which, for the first time, includes the operation of LiDAR wind measurements. BBB is thereby the first wind energy consultant in Germany to have its LiDAR expertise documented.

Only last year LiDAR systems in stand-alone-operation were included in the new directive published by the Fördergesellschaft Windenergie (FGW), the decisive committee in Germany to fix the minimal quality standards for wind resource evaluations. With the inclusion of the relatively new technology in the so-called Technische Richtlinie 6 (Technical Directive 6) the way was paved for companies to attain the respective accreditation.

For several years already BBB is one of the few German engineering consultancies authorized to use the DAkkS-seal and its international equivalent (ILAC) for wind measurement and wind assessment services. In Germany BBB is one of the pioneers in the use of LiDAR technology. The use of the technology is expected to further gain considerable impetus on an international basis.


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