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TransMix systems with a modular design offer the right combination for every customer
(PresseBox) (Aichtal, ) Aichtal, January 2015 – Requirements of mobile logistic systems in the construction industry such as greater versatility and flexibility are becoming increasingly demanding. This is where the TransMix screed specialist comes to the fore. The modular conveying, mixing and delivery system from the Putzmeister brand Brinkmann demonstrates its capabilities in all conventional applications as well as projects that use the latest mixes and screed types. It also provides an economical solution on confined construction sites as well as applications with tight deadlines and high quality requirements.

Successful designers and construction companies are able to limit or even reduce construction costs. In the screed sector, construction site logistics represent a significant cost factor. At the same time, site logistics hold considerable potential for increasing productivity or developing new procedures, for example. Alongside conventional cement screeds, high-quality self levelling floor screeds with a calcium sulphate or cement basis are becoming increasingly popular. The Brinkmann TransMix system from Putzmeister can mix, convey and deliver all standard screeds economically to a high quality standard.

A full range of screed types
The water resistance of cement-based screed structures and the benefits of self levelling floor screed have resulted in the use of different types of screed in many building projects. For example, while underfloor heating systems in living and office spaces are embedded in a calcium sulphate self levelling floor screed, designers still prescribe the use of cement screed in wet rooms and garages due to the moisture present there.

Work more economically with the TransMix
Traditionally, a master screed layer would lay the screed in the living areas first using a self levelling floor screed machine. He would then have to return to the site at a later time to lay conventional screed in the remaining rooms using a Mixokret or Estrich Boy including accessories.*

The whole process can be completed much more quickly and efficiently with the TransMix system, which is equipped with a split binder chamber. One of the two chambers can be filled with calcium sulphate as a binder for the calcium sulphate floor screed while the other can be filled with a cement for manufacturing cement floor screed. First the calcium sulphate self levelling floor screed can be placed in the usual way using a specified program. On completion, the mixer and hose only have to be flushed once to prevent the calcium sulphate and cement from making contact with one another. The cement floor screed can then be placed using the same aggregate.

The advantage: all working steps can be completed in a single session. Furthermore, no cement screed material is lost through sand resides while no extra costs are incurred for the disposal of construction and packaging material or cleaning of the construction site.

Up to four chambers for a wide range of options
Depending on the recipe, a fourth chamber (e.g. for fly ash) can be added to chamber 1 for the aggregate, chamber 2 for the calcium sulphate binder and chamber 3 for the cement binder.

The materials are metered by separate discharging systems to prevent the different binders from mixing. A maximum of four different metering pumps that operate independently of one another deliver the required quantity of construction chemicals at the right time.

Manufacturing and delivering conventional screed with the TransMix
A TransMix system for conventional (earth-moist) screed is also available.

It is possible to process bound ballasts with polystyrene and cement, for example, because the aggregate chamber is compatible with every type of aggregate.

The TransMix as a single-chamber system for premixed dry mortar
In many cases, such as premixed dry mortar applications, a single large chamber is required instead of several separate chambers. Putzmeister can adapt the vehicle individually to meet customer requirements, allowing the use of all types of premixed dry mortar for floor compounds.

About the TransMix system
The TransMix is a fully automatic conveying, mixing and delivery system for the economical, space-saving and clean preparation of different types of certified screed. A mixer drum combined with an auger pump for manufacturing and conveying fluid materials or a mixing and delivery drum for earth moist screed or ballast is mounted at the rear end of the TransMix, depending on the application.

The screed is mixed on site using a computer-controlled system. A maximum of eight recipes can be stored, processed automatically and then logged. As a result of these consistent production processes, the TransMix manufactures extremely cost-efficient screed of the highest quality. It is no longer necessary to spend time setting up the construction site and no residual material or packaging waste is generated.

Depending on requirements, the individual components of the TransMix system are assembled with extreme flexibility. The system is available with 1 to 4 chambers designed for a semi-trailer or 4-axis vehicle superstructure.


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