10,634 t Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Lethbridge Biogas LP actively markets their carbon offsets
10,634 t Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (PresseBox) (Vreden, Germany/Lethbridge, Alberta, ) Since December 2013, Lethbridge Biogas LP reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 10,634 tonnes from utilizing livestock manure, animal by-products and organic residues from food processing at the biogas facility. The GHG reduction is equivalent to taking 2,250 cars off the road. The plant, capable of processing 100,000 tonnes/year of feedstock material, is also designed to handle and safely process deadstock materials from the surrounding areas. "The long term benefit is pretty amazing. We eliminate some air pollution; we eliminate some land pollution in not having the landfills, and we have a renewable, sustainable source that just goes on and on and on", says Thane Hurlburt, co-owner of Lethbridge Biogas LP.

Biogas is produced by two cogeneration units in order to generate the thermal energy and electricity which is sold to the Alberta grid and to local customers. Lethbridge Biogas LP is registered in the Alberta Offset System and has the potential to reduce GHG emissions by up to 225,000 tonnes by 2021. This allows them to actively market their carbon offsets to large emitters in order to be in compliance with the climate change legislation.

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