Customizing in the embedded market: Syslogic offers individual embedded computer and HMI systems

Customized embedded pc's and hmi systems even for small quantities
Customized embedded box PC: Syslogic has developed and manufactured this industrial computer according to the specific needs of a customer. (PresseBox) (Waldshut-Tiengen, ) Customizing is understood as individually adapting something. Long in use in connection with the automotive and motorcycle scene, today customizing is also a trend in industry. The embedded specialist Syslogic specializes in the customizing of embedded computers and HMI systems.

Wider, deeper, louder - that is what customizing looks like in the automotive scene. However, this has little to do with customizing in the embedded industry. This is about adapting an embedded computer or an HMI system so that the device meets customer requirements exactly.

Customized embedded computers even for small quantities

Syslogic, one of the few companies in the embedded market that has its own European development and production line, offers customizing even for small quantities. Since embedded computers and industrial HMI systems are often used in highly specialized environments, exceptional interface combinations are demanded from time to time. Thanks to the modular design of their devices, Syslogic can also implement exceptional requests.

Raphael Binder, Product Manager at Syslogic, says: "Our CPU boards are designed so that they can be expanded with little effort." A wide range of standard products is available as a basis.

Accordingly, Syslogic offers customer-specific adaptations already from quantities of 50 pieces or more. This is of particular interest for small and medium-sized companies, which are highly specialized, but only demand small quantities.

Syslogic offers everything from one source

However, Syslogic is not only able to implement customer-specific interfaces, but also offers a variety of industrial processor platforms to choose from. Syslogic also maintains corresponding board support packages for these in order to allow the customer a quick and easy system integration.

True to the company philosophy of "everything from one source," Syslogic maintains a single construct. If adjustments are necessary to the housing, these can be implemented accordingly and quickly.

For all customizing, all Syslogic devices have something in common: their uncompromising industrial design. Syslogic embedded computers and HMI systems forgo moving parts and convince with their low power consumption. They are accordingly also suitable for 24/7 operation, even under extreme loads.


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