Tank trace heating online calculation

For years it has been possible to carry out online calculations for trace heating of pipes on the homepage of Quintex GmbH / To compliment this we have now added a trace heating online calculation for tanks and vessels on our homepage
Übersicht Kalkulatoren (PresseBox) (Lauda-Königshofen, ) As well as the many online pricing calculations offered on the Quintex homepage e.g. Linebushings for Exd enclosures or Exd to Exe enclosure combinations; Distribution boxes in GRP or stainless steel for Ex areas; quick compilation of on-site Control Stations and Signal Housings etc., we have now added another easy to use online calculation programme to the above series.

In addition to designing pipe electric trace heating systems with self-regulating cables, it is now possible to easily and quickly calculate the heat requirements for an insulated tank or vessel as well as the associated heating tapes offered by Quintex. Entry of data is made in the usual manner into simple self-explanatory text boxes. In contrast to the pipe heating you can adjust the proportion of the heated surface area and the pitch of the heating tape, which will both influence the corresponding calculated results.

After entering the required data and with a simple click of a button, the programme interprets and then calculates the results, displaying them in a new window. This new page contains all the important data (both the input and calculated data) to refer to. The selected heating tape, along with its technical and corresponding electrical data, is interpreted as part of the scope.

If required, from the available information, a full list of necessary materials can be generated, including the quantity and total price. This is displayed in a new window making it easy to read or email. The proposed list of materials can easily be adjusted to suit your requirements creating a customised solution for your particular application.

Should it be necessary to change any of the input data, you can easily return to the appropriate screen, make the changes and then re-start the design.

We hope all users will have a lot of success by using our online calculation of electric trace heating for tank heating.

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