Perfect Printing Results and Excellent Value – SilverFast’s new Printer Calibration now also available for SE Plus 8.5

SilverFast Printer Calibration for accurate colors (PresseBox) (Kiel, ) LaserSoft Imaging released its newly-developed Printer Calibration in late May. This exclusive tool enables to achieve color accurate and brilliant prints in professional quality on a home ink jet printer. The positive feedback on the Printer Calibration was so overwhelming, the company has decided to offer the Printer Calibration now also for the good value entry version SilverFast SE Plus 8.5.

As a starting point for the high-quality printing solution, the scanner is fully automatically color calibrated using SilverFast’s patented IT8 calibration. Afterwards, a special profiling target is printed and scanned. SilverFast now automatically calculates an ICC profile for the specific printer, ink and paper combination. This procedure allows to use the entire available printer color space with a maximum number of usable colors.

A unique feature of SilverFast's Printer Calibration is the possibility to customize the ICC profile to individual user preferences from within the software. This per se complex task of shifting a color space is solved very intuitively. Based on the created ICC profile, a new target is printed on which the user simply identifies those color fields that represent the most neutral colors to him. From this information, SilverFast derives and stores an individual user profile.

For the release of the SilverFast SE Plus 8.5 printer solution, LaserSoft Imaging has tied up a very special introductory package. The full SilverFast SE Plus edition incl. Printer Calibration is available for only 149.00 Euro. Until end of October, each package also contains a free reflective Fuji Target (complying international IT8 standards for reflective calibration, worth 59.90 Euro).

"With this great package, we are going to specifically address owners of Canon and Epson flatbed scanners," explains Philipp Haarländer, Director Marketing, LaserSoft Imaging AG, this latest decision to expand the product portfolio.

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