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EM Beacon Eddystone (PresseBox) (München, ) CompoTEK and its partner EM Microelectronic, a subsidiary of the Swatch Group, the safest, introduce the most flexible Ultra-Low-Energy Bluetooth Smart beacons with the longest range and battery lifetime. The EMBCxx series is a high power beacon and part of the coin-cell family. The operating mode offers the best tradeoffs between range and battery lifetime.

Besides the Beacon hardware, CompoTEK offers additional services to its customers:

Parametrization (min. 3 pieces)

- Transmit period
- Transmit power
- Major and Minor ID
- Beacon frame format
- Eddystone™
- iBeacon / ID
- AltBeacon
- EMbeacon
- OTA (over-the-air) parametrization option

Customer specific firmware adaptation

- Proprietary Beacon frame format
- Pre-processing of sensor information
- User-specific algorithms (e.g. Data logger)

Custom hardware changes

- Form factor
- Modification of housing
- IP protection rating
- Power supply or battery
- Gateways, sensors

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