SCHMIDT‘S optimizes Warehouse Management with DENSO Handheld Terminals

Wholesale company from Austria uses the products by DENSO successfully. / BARCOTEC, distribution partner in Austria, has installed handheld termi-nals. / Display indicates from which warehouse the product can be picked up. /
Copyright: BARCOTEC (PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) DÜSSELDORF / A-BÜRS. "Offering products and services today which can be relied on tomorrow”: That has been SCHMIDT’s guiding thought for more than 125 years, similar to the idea of BARCOTEC, the DENSO sales partner in Aus-tria. This is true also in this specific case: the DENSO handheld terminals which have been installed successfully by BARCOTEC always gain positive feedback. The extremely robust devices accompany their keepers in all data capture pro-cesses for many years.

For almost ten years the enterprise has been working without physical paper: 45,000 items and their core data are recorded before being allocated to a spe-cific storage area. For the mobile data capture, the DENSO devices BTH-700 and BHT-1200 are in use. Here, the advantage is that during the process of commissioning, the display indicates from which warehouse the product can be picked up. The open depot is also connected with the system and the products can be easily captured with the handheld terminals even with strong sun expo-sure. That is because the devices are resistant to extreme temperatures varying between -20°C and +50°C and to plunges out of 1.5 meters height.

The mobile data capture processes have been expanded gradually on stock receipt, warehouse account transfers, and stock maintenance in shops. To the question which advantages derive from the usage of the BHT-1200, there was a clear answer: outstanding scanning and charging performance.

The workflow is efficient and continuous, leading to enormous time savings. The enterprise does not only avoid rests but also unnecessary failures. To put it in a nutshell: A system is deployed that can be still relied on tomorrow.

SCHMIDT’s IT team puts the advantages straight: “We are very satisfied with the devices and the collaboration with BARCOTEC as we have enjoyed a good support in every aspect during the project. Regarding the work with DENSO handheld terminals - it wouldn’t work without them anymore.”

BARCOTEC is a solutions supplier for automatic identification (barcode, RFID) and data capture systems. Founded in 1989, the enterprise established at the market as leading supplier, representing global market leaders like DENSO. In the in-house service centres in Vienna and Salzburg, which are authorized by the producers, customers in the whole of Europe are supported with minimal processing times. Moreover, BARCOTEC is member of the Bundesvereinigung für Logistik (BVL) and the Netzwerk Logistik (VNL).

The wholesaler SCHMIDT’s (Vorarlberg, Austria) is one of the leading full-range suppliers in the fields of iron goods, construction, handcraft, and civil engineer-ing. The product range reaches from tools and overalls up to fastening technol-ogy.


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