The FrameQR: DENSO WAVE develops QR Code with individual adjustment possibilities

Increasing demand for individually designed QR Codes. / DENSO WAVE, the inventor of the QR Code, develops the new FrameQR. / Possibility to display 3D-graphics. / Significant improvement of guiding prospective clients to individual websites. /
BHT 1300 (PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) Düsseldorf. A study by the market research company “eMarketer” shows that 85 percent of all the questioned Germans are familiar with the QR Code. The QR Code, developed in 1994 by DENSO WAVE, is a success story. The respondents emphasized how fast, informative and modern QR Codes are. The inventor of the QR Code, DENSO WAVE, presents a new development in 2D bar code technology, that aims to motivate more potential users to choose the QR Code: the FrameQR. The FrameQR allows individualising a QR Code, for example to integrate a picture, graphics or a logo. The QR Code is therefore more appealing to users and a great incentive to scan – FrameQR is the fun QR Code. Further information on the range of products, QR Codes and scanners are available here:

The FrameQR Code – like the QR Code – which has always been a part of the Toyota Group, is convincing in design with its generous use of space for individual adjustments. In comparison to the former QR Code developments, the FrameQR Code only needs a small framed area for scanning – the remaining space can be customised individually. On business cards, in advertisements, on posters or in catalogues – the FrameQR Code is an eye catcher, which can lead potential clients onto the website of the respective company. The FrameQR Code is especially suitable for discount actions or coupons because the amount of the discount or the timeframe of the action can be embedded directly into the QR Code. Thanks to the Frame QR AR (Augmented Reality), individual 3D-graphics can be inserted in the QR Code if desired. With the free “QR Code Reader Q”-App, the smartphone becomes an easy to handle scanning device for decoding the FrameQR.

Since 1949 DENSO cooperates as supplier for all electrical and electronical assemblies with Toyota. The subsidiary DENSO WAVE invented the QR Code and also develops identifications systems, scanners and devices for mobile data collection. QR Codes make it possible to code around 7.000 numerals, alphabetical characters, different symbols, Japanese, Chinese or Korean characters and binary data. For the European market, DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit is the contact window for QR Code, mobile data collection and scanners enquiries. The durable and robust scanners manufactured by DENSO are used in storage, logistics, POS, production, field & sales automation. Further information on the QR Code and on scanners can be found online: Additional information are available on the DENSO Auto-ID YouTube-Channel:

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The DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit is an internationally operating sales specialist in mobile data collection and belongs to the Toyota Group. The company products and services ensure high standards along the supply chain. The core market segments include storage, logistics, POS, production and field & sales force automation. The company is known for their durable and robust handheld terminals and scanners manufactured by DENSO.


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