New Coating Systems and Quality Assurance

Laser Optic Manufacturing modernize
New Coating Systems and Quality Assurance (PresseBox) (Olching, ) LASER COMPONENTS has been coating laser optics for almost thirty years and manufacturing substrates since 2008, covering all standard coating technologies; yet over the course of the past two years, we have invested heavily in new coaters and modernized existing systems. The coating systems are, for the most part, fully automated, computer controlled, and equipped with an online monitoring system that monitors the layer composition during the coating process. This ensures a high level of process safety; it allows coatings to be manufactured precisely and designs to be reproduced exactly.

LASER COMPONENTS coats glass and fused silica substrates from a few millimeters in size to a maximum size of Ø 400 mm. Small and very large quantities can be produced at a low cost.

Internal quality assurance is guaranteed using various measuring systems. The centricity of a lens can be determined and the radius of curvature and shape accuracy interferometrically measured. Damage threshold tests at 1064 nm can also be carried out in house.

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