A Wide Selection Offered Exclusively by LASER COMPONENTS

High-Power Laser Diodes from the U.S.A.
A Wide Selection Offered Exclusively by LASER COMPONENTS (PresseBox) (Olching, ) Axcel Photonics and Sheaumann have merged and will be operating in the future under the name Sheaumann Laser, Inc.

LASER COMPONENTS has strengthened the collaboration with both companies and will be selling the entire range of products exclusively from now on.

Sheaumann’s lasers are the first choice in free-beam and fiber-coupled high-power diodes in the NIR. These products consist of highly-efficient single-stripe diodes that are also known for their reliability.

Packaging options for the chips include, for example, C mounts, TO cans, or HHL packages, all of which ensure small and robust products. The wide power range of the lasers is no less impressive: the optical output power ranges from a few hundred milliwatts up to 425 W.


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