Loudness Films reduces noise and increases efficiency in editing suites with the Draco tera compact KVM matrix switch

 MG 2407TRT (PresseBox) (Oberteuringen, ) Loudness Films provides a complete post-production service for TV and Film, supporting all aspects of sound design and editing, picture editing and composition, VFX, color grading, recording and mixing, Foley and ADR.

Limited studio space and the desire for a noise-free environment means that only essential equipment should be included. Several people will often work together in the confined area, each requiring access to specific tools. Loudness' solution to these perennial problems was to deploy a small Draco tera compact KVM matrix switch from IHSE to enable operators to access computers housed tens of meters away in a central server room. Using simple keystrokes, each workstation can be instantly connected to any source device.

"Working on the sound for a film, a sound engineer can operate the main mixing desk whilst viewing audio monitoring setup on a monitor, or can access the Pro-Tools systems or Dolby RMU settings using the same monitor," explains Branko Neskov, founder of Loudness Films. "This reduces the number of screens in the dubbing theatre: information is displayed as required rather than always displayed. Individuals can select what they want to see in front of them, rather than interrupt a colleague or to moving to see a different screen, which is not something that is easily done in a confined studio."

The full range of IHSE KVM products will be available for demonstration at IBC in Amsterdam, September 11-15, 2015. Booth 7.B30.


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