App for reading, save and restore QR code data of terminal and control boxes by Quintex

This App will ease your life for maintenance and inspection in accordance to ATEX directive by saving the most important data of a terminal or control box
Hauptmenu Quintex (PresseBox) (Lauda-Königshofen, ) Quintex had published a small and free App at Google playstore to ease you life in Ex documentation, maintenance and inspection of terminal, junction and control boxes. Since nearly a year all Quintex boxes (empty, terminal or control) are delivers with QR code on the Ex label. These QR code has the most important data of the box like serial number, date of manufacturing, manufacturer, drawing number etc. You can read this data with the bar code read of the Zxing team fast and easily. Please note that this bar code reader is essential for the use of the Quintex App.
You can download that App at the Google playstore for free --> . Installation works automatically.
If you have not installed the barcode reader yet, you can do now-->

From the main menu you can choose between :
1 scanning and localisation


2 Restore and localise.
(see pictures)

Just read the little manual we described how to work with the App at the Google playstore.

It is easy to use and helps a lot.
If you find it helpful just recommend it to your friends and colleagues.

If you have any question regarding this App, the use of it or our products , don't hesitate to write or call.


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