Various Laser Process Heads for Fiber Lasers

From the Fiber to the Workpiece
Various Laser Process Heads for Fiber Lasers (PresseBox) (Olching, ) Laser process heads easily and safely guide light from fiber lasers to the workpiece. LASER COMPONENTS‘ partner HAAS Technologies, Inc. offers different versions.

The G6 series laser process heads were developed for fiber lasers with a high output power between 4 kW and 5 kW and are used for high-speed cutting applications, for example. User friendliness plays a central role in the G6 series. Compartments make it easy to change the optics to quickly adjust the focal distance, for example. They also facilitate the comfortable exchangeability of the protective windows. Standard Ø1.1" optics are used for this purpose.

The G6 system is especially variable: The application of several focal length combinations is possible, optional the use of the patented TLC optics (with a reduced thermal lens). A QBH and other fiber connections are suitable as well as a XY adjustment of the lenses.

The PHF-25 series is made for a medium power output of up to 2 kW. For a low power output of approximately 100 W, the new PHFM series is available. This series features a compact design, easy handling through an SMA fiber connection, and last but not least an attractive price. One application in this power range includes, for example, the laser welding of plastic.

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