New ball nose milling cutters for far higher cost-effectiveness

The optimised solid carbide CPMill ball nose milling cutter offers greater cost-effectiveness in the roughing of homokinetic joints (PresseBox) (Aalen, ) For the production of homokinetic joints of hardened steel, numerous automotive manufacturers and suppliers rely on ball nose milling cutters from the MAPAL CPMill programme. For years, these have been successfully used for pre-machining (soft milling) and finishing (hard milling with PcBN). They are subject to continuous improvement. A new, comprehensive development of the milling cutter for pre-machining now allows users to enjoy a significant increase in efficiency.

The new, highly-spiralled geometry ensures optimal chip removal. Instead of four cutting edges, the new solid carbide ball nose milling cutter has five. Furthermore, in addition to the base substrate, the coating has also been improved. For easy changing of the milling heads, they are equipped with the CFS interface. Through the precise tuning of the taper and face, a high concentricity of ≤ 5 μm, excellent rigidity and consistently high quality are achieved.

Examples in practice show: With the new CPMill ball nose milling cutter, machining time per component can be significantly reduced. While 75,000 parts were previously machined in one week, for example, there is around 12 percent more produced (namely, 85,000 components) with the five-edged cutter using the same machine capacity and without any additional investment in equipment. The reason is that it is possible to work with much higher cutting and feed rates. In addition, the milling cutter has a 25-percent higher service life than the previous model.

The new solid carbide CPMill ball nose milling cutters are immediately available in various diameters.


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