TE-Cooled PbS and PbSe Detectors

Range of Lead Salt Detectors Expanded
PbS PbSe detectors (PresseBox) (Olching, ) With its first delivery of TE-cooled detectors, the LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group has reached its next milestone. Single-stage and multistage cooled PbS versions are available under the designations PB27 for standard coolers and PB30 for special coolers. The designations of the analogous PbSe series read PB50 (standard) and PB55 (ultimate). Production is based on a solid foundation: All standard options are already available for delivery.

At the next expansion phase, production capacity will be ramped up. Starting in August of 2015, the goal here is to be able to offer a delivery time of approximately six weeks for standard products and OEM components that have been manufactured before.

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