ProMinent at BrauBeviale 2015: Disinfect safely and avoid system corrosion

(PresseBox) (Heidelberg, ) ProMinent is presenting solutions for efficient filler disinfection, CIP applications and product water treatment at Brau Beviale 2015 in Nuremberg on stand 6-233 in Hall 6, from 10 - 12 November 2015. The electrolysis system DULCO®Lyse ensure reliable disinfection. Minimal chloride concentrations avoid corrosion.

As a smart further development of ECA technology, the electrolysis system DULCO®Lyse cheaply produces a highly effective disinfectant in situ from water, salt and electricity. Continuously spraying the filler with DULCO®Lyt 400 enables this sensitive part of the bottling process to be reliably sterilised.

This weak hypochlorous acid delivers consistent quality with a constant FAC (Free Available Chlorine) content of 400 ppm even under changing conditions.

Considerable cost savings are also made due to the low consumption of energy and salt and the fact that no preservatives are used in beverage manufacturing processes. In contrast to conventional processes, which often convert around just 5% of the sodium chloride, Smart Disinfection, developed by the Heidelberg-based manufacturer, converts around 85%. At the same time, operating costs are considerably reduced by the minimal use of resources.

The extremely low chloride content is significantly below the level of comparable processes in which more than 20 times as much chloride is often produced. The surfaces of pipes, machine parts and equipment are not attacked by the minimal chloride concentration and corrosion is thereby reliably avoided.


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