The Solar Max group takes new inverter production in operation

Sputnik successor produce in Bavaria
The Solar Max group takes new inverter production in operation (PresseBox) (Ellzee, ) Since September the SolarMax group manufactures string and central inverters of the brand SolarMax for grid connected solar power systems in the Bavarian town Burgau. The group, which has been established in July 2015, overtook all the trademark and production equipment of the insolvent Sputnik Engineering AG. Following the successfully building up of the five – language hotline and the start of the service network, the SolarMax group transferred the inverter production from Switzerland to Bavaria.

From now the company produces string inverters for house and industry roofs and central inverters for solar power plants, as well as solutions for the data communication. In addition new devices will be developed from now on: In recent weeks the company has established its own development department from the former Sputnik employees and further development engineers.

Approved Quality, new structure

„In addition to the service for old equipment of the Sputnik engineering AG we will continuously develop new equipment, which are optimally tailored to the respective customer needs and market requirements." According to SolarMax managing director Mathias Mader. „We want to convince our customers with a combination of the proven SolarMax quality, our extensive system and configuration experience, innovative ideas and a competitive structure.

The first new development should be able in 2016.

The new location in Burgau is only 20 kilometres away from the head office of the SolarMax group in Ellzee and offers enough space for further expansion. „We subside on continuous increase", supplemented Mathias Mader.


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