Critical Manufacturing released cmNavigo 4.2 MES: complete and unified software to manage operations

Full-featured cmNavigo 4.2 Manufacturing Execution System aims to leverage strong management tools, making it one of the most comprehensive solutions for high-tech manufacturers
cmNavigo 4.2 (PresseBox) (Porto, Portugal, ) Critical Manufacturing, a supplier of integrated manufacturing execution systems (MES) to empower operations of the global high-technology manufacturing industries, today announced the release of cmNavigo 4.2, an advanced MES software featuring new alarm management, qualifications and time constraints functionalities. By enhancing the product with increased operations management functionality and superior performance, Critical Manufacturing ensures global manufacturers manage operations with unmatched agility and continuous improvement.

“To maintain the long-term and profitable growth in the high-end sector, the manufacturers need to spend their time thinking about their business, not their IT,” said Francisco Almada-Lobo, CEO, Critical Manufacturing. “The new alarm management, time constraints and qualifications functionalities we are announcing today will provide our customers with the most comprehensive and the most flexible MES solution that ensures the highest performance.”

Built on Microsoft application development layers, cmNavigo 4.2 Manufacturing Execution System aims to leverage strong management tools, making it one of the most modern and comprehensive solutions for high-tech manufacturers.The new functional blocks add to a complete data management solution ensuring optimizing manufacturing processes and increasing the efficiency of the control personnel.

Alarm Management module for asynchronous notifications of events ensures that factory personnel are aware of process changes which are outside acceptable tolerances. Time Constraints functionality goes beyond that by providing the ability to define maximum and minimum times between operations triggering alarms or exceptions.

The labor management module was complemented by adding the Qualifications mechanism to define and assign the required qualifications for a given certification to employees. The ability to embed quality principles, standards and models into a manufacturing management system allows for consistent support of business and stakeholder needs.

Beyond these, the version announced today delivers enhanced functionality including additional OLAP and Datawarehouse operations and visualizations, new offline SPC functions, material tracking enhancements, enhanced scheduling views, among many other improvements.

cmNavigo 4.2 is available now for implementation throughout the world. Critical Manufacturing delivers its solutions through highly acclaimed service teams, skilled in extracting maximum value from complex operations. Expertise covers advanced information technology, business intelligence, migration from legacy MES systems, and greenfield installations.


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