The fight for law and order begins 2016!
Targetshot 1 - POLICE TACTICS IMPERIO (PresseBox) (Mönchengladbach, ) In cooperation with the development studio CyberphobX publisher astragon today officially announced the realtime strategy game POLICE TACTICS: IMPERIO for PC and Mac! A criminal underworld, which has had a teeming metropolis in its fierce grip until now, will face some difficult times in the first quarter 2016. The police force knows only one clear goal: Ensure law and order!

16 years ago the city was controlled by the criminal organization IMPERIO. The members of this association struck fear and terror in the hearts of the citizens and kept the once so lively metropolis in the stranglehold of organized crime. The police force was powerless for a long time until one day, when a fearless policeman named John Croft showed up on the scene: Together with his task force he was able to halt the syndicate’s operations more and more. Just before he could arrest IMPERIO’s leader however, the criminal mastermind and his whole organization suddenly disappeared. John Croft was found dead shortly thereafter. The homicide was never resolved, but without IMPERIO the city finally started to revive. Nearly two decades later nothing of this is noticeable anymore. IMPERIO is back!

In POLICE TACTICS: IMPERIO, the players slip into the role of John Crofts son Harvey and assume the position of the city’s chief of police. As the first line of defense in the fight against organized crime the whole potential of his police units is at his disposal: Patrolmen have to be sent onto the streets and crime scene investigators as well as special units have to be trained. Consulting witnesses and collecting clues and hints is also part of the daily business as a law enforcer. Beside different unit-types, the players can of course fall back on various realistic operational vehicles, which can appear in the look of either German or US-Police units.

In the fight against organized crime the deployment of policemen will not be enough – an essential part of the work as police chief is the management and ideal usage of the department’s budget.

In POLICE TACTICS: IMPERIO players will climb the career ladder to the top and unlock more and more city districts, units and upgrades. On their dangerous path they will solve thrilling cases, investigate felonies and prevent daily infractions all over the city in a dynamic day- and night cycle.

Will the new police chief Harvey Croft complete the oeuvre of his father and shatter the reign of terror by IMPERIO forever? POLICE TACTICS: IMPERIO will give answers to those exciting questions in the first quarter of 2016.


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