ProtectStar Communication Suite – pre-beta version available immediately for free download

ProtectStar Communication Suite (PresseBox) (Bradenton, FL, USA, ) ProtectStar Inc., an independent IT security company operating worldwide, introduces its security communications program “ProtectStar Communication Suite“.

Less than half a year was needed from the idea to the design to implementation.

The first pre-beta version of the ProtectStar Communication Suite is available from today. At present the pre-beta version allows 2-64 users to hold highly encrypted chats and conferences and to exchange data securely.

The chat messages and data are sent directly and securely from one client to another – unlike other communications programs on the market that use third party servers.

In the final version the ProtectStar Communication Suite will also be able to transfer highly encrypted video and language from one computer to another directly. Private users will be able to connect with up to 128 other users.

In the fourth quarter of the year at the latest, a beta version of the “ProtectStar Communication Suite“ for the WINDOWS MOBILE operating system will also be available for download.

The current pre-beta version of the “ProtectStar Communication Suite“ can be downloaded free of charge at the following website:


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