Professional Guidance for Renewable Energy Investors in Mozambique

Business Development Manager Theodora Forbes and German anearobic digestion consultancy Snow Leopard Projects launch Renewable Investment Report 2015 for Mozambique
(PresseBox) (Germany/Mozambique, ) Theodora Forbes - Business Development Manager at the German anaerobic digestion consultancy Snow Leopard Projects - publishes report about the current constraints and opportunities for investments into renewable energy in Mozambique.

In cooperation with Snow Leopard Projects (SLP), Theodora Forbes has gathered her knowledge in an investment analysis, which outlines the current framework conditions for investments in all types of renewable energy generation and distribution in Mozambique. The report gives potential investors an overview of the investment climate and process by presenting the government´s energy strategy, key players and important statistics. In order to make a realistic investment approach possible, Forbes analyses barriers to investment and other possible challenges to renewable energy generation, for both on- and off-grid projects. Specific regulations, financial incentives and investment risks are outlined in this process. The report takes into consideration the on-site investment climate and process and provides a step-by-step guide for anyone interested in renewable energy investments.

Theodora Forbes graduated from the University of Reading with a master’s degree in Agricultural Development Economics. After working in several energy-related enterprises in Great Britain and Germany, she got involved with the Aga Khan Foundation in Mozambique as Programme Manager for New Initiatives in 2014. Since then, she acquired a tremendous amount of experience in the field of development projects. Today, she also works as a Business Development Manager for the German anaerobic digestion consultancy Snow Leopard Projects (SLP), executing all front-end project development activities in Mozambique.

The visionary German biogas expert Snow Leopard Projects has developed a technology, which makes it possible to digest nearly every biomass except wood. With a unique BATCH Hydrolyser for biological front end treatment the biomass is prepared to deliver highest biogas yields even from low grade feedstock.

Because of the extremely precise examination of the topic, this publication can be seen as a high quality guideline for renewable energy related investment choices in Mozambique.


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