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NADCAP non-destructive testing at toolcraft
Even microscopically small cracks are revealed in the evaluation cabin (PresseBox) (Georgensgmünd, ) The highest quality is of decisive importance for air and space travel. Even the smallest defects can have severe consequences. This is why toolcraft components are manufactured with the highest precision. The quality of the products can also be quickly and reliably verified using a non-destructive surface testing. With immediate effect, the area is in accordance with NADCAP requirements.

High requirements for aerospace

There is hardly another market where the use of innovative materials and procedures is as important as in the aerospace sector. Wherever human lives are dependent on the operational safety of the final products, it is essential to have reproducible processes with complete traceability. In order to guarantee these requirements, suppliers are subject to high quality standards. In order to avoid the complexity of individual and sometimes double inspections, NADCAP certification was established in 1990. Developed in cooperation between the large air and space travel companies, the programme sets a common standard.

Setting a common standard

Since that time, the Performance Review Institute (PRI) has been carrying out universally valid certifications. The certification certifies that the company fulfils more stringent standards for the aerospace sector. By bundling expert knowledge, the programme enables an audit which surpasses any individual inspection. It therefore improves supply chain quality and simultaneously reduces expenses for customers and suppliers. Here, quality controllers and management from the most important contractors and suppliers from the air and space industry form the NADCAP supervisory board. Currently, around 60 companies in Germany and 5,000 companies worldwide fulfil this additional quality requirement.

Certification according to NADCAP

EN 9100 certification is a prerequisite for NADCAP qualification. Therefore, the company ensures the air-travel specific additional ISO 9001 requirements. Successfully passing the audit means that toolcraft meets the high certification standards for aerospace. This includes complete and clear procedural instructions as well as the qualification and approval of manufacture and inspection processes prior to using the components. In addition, the personnel's equipment and qualifications, as well as recording and traceability, are in accordance with industry standards. The continuous monitoring of requirements and their implementation are also fulfilled. From now on, an inspection will take place once a year, ensuring the future fulfilment of high standards.


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