Recipe Management User Group Meeting 2015

Process Integrity on the fast lane with Recipe Management
RM User Group Meeting (PresseBox) (Petershausen, ) This year's Recipe Management User Group Meeting 2015 (RM UGM 2015) took place in Crolles, France. With this full-day event, camLine expressed its commitment to further develop the software flagship LineWorks RM. The event was focused to gather precious customer feedback and best practices to promote manufacturing excellence. The significantly advanced recipe management system (RMS) is a corporate solution that includes the ability to optimize the real-time handling of recipes within high volume production environments. Industry experts presented concrete applications and use-cases to improve the process integrity. In addition, the attendees were able to learn about current and new features of LineWorks RM (versions 5 and 6) and to exchange ideas. All attendees had the opportunity to participate in a round of voting to prioritize future product enhancements according to their expectations. camLine's responsible product manager, Mr. Dan Cogut, is very satisfied with the outcomes: "camLine has got valuable input in terms of new requirements. This will definitely help us shape the future releases of LineWorks RM." More information can be found at


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