Nothing beats a great template

Create reusable calculation templates with VCmaster
Nothing beats a great template (PresseBox) (Fellbach (Stuttgart), ) With its intelligent engineering software VCmaster, Veit Christoph GmbH, a software developer based in Germany, offers engineers an intuitive concept for efficient technical calculations. Algorithms can be generated quickly and without prior programming knowledge." states Veit Christoph, founder and CEO of Veit Christoph GmbH. Additionally formulas are presented in a precise mathematical form.

Create reusable calculation templates VCmaster supports compiling and managing individual so-called libraries of calculation templates. Intelligent search functions guarantee that recurring calculations and documents with annotations are easily located. All documents created with VCmaster can subsequently be searched for, called up and reused. This way important know-how is safeguarded. Once created the digital documents can be used over and over again.

In addition to hand-made templates hundreds of predefined templates according to EUROCODE can be integrated into VCmaster. Several EN Eurocodes are available for VCmaster like DIN EN (Germany), NEN EN (Netherlands), PN EN (Poland), STN EN (Slovakia) and MSZ EN (Hungary).

These prefabricated templates support engineers to work more efficiently. The templates are extensively annotated and prove to be a valuable tool to execute tasks according to the complex requirements of the new standards without problems.

"Implementing VCmaster with its clever calculation templates into the daily work-flow will not only help save time, but ultimately will help cutting down on operating costs." says Veit Christoph.

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