Engineering and Migration Checkup

Two new services from WSCAD Global Business Services
The Engineering Checkup puts development processes for greater efficiency to the test, while ensuring the optimal use of WSCAD (PresseBox) (Bergkirchen, ) With the Engineering and Migration Checkup, WSCAD is now offering two new services from their Global Business Services Division.

Engineering Checkup - Putting development processes for greater efficiency to the test

A rapid development capability not only requires the correct E-CAD solution, but must also be smoothly embedded in the company's IT structure: functionality, data quality, user experience, ERP and manufacturing systems - everything has to mesh and work seamlessly together and also be coordinated.

The WSCAD Engineering Checkup scans the entire engineering process and all areas associated with it individually and in detail with a field-tested and proven process. The experts at WSCAD capture the actual state in a first step. Within a few days, the development and construction processes are analyzed, possible vulnerabilities are outlined, and actionable recommendations are created. It then quickly becomes evident where and why methodologies should be modified and where specific processes can be consistently designed. This enables hidden potentials in the overall process to be made visible - from sales through purchasing and development down to manufacturing.

Among other things, the different options for PDM/PLM and ERP connectivity, the interfaces to machining and production centers, the opportunities for standardization and the meaningful use of upstream data such as sensor, actuator or motor component lists are all taken into account. The possible potential for automation is analyzed, and the optimal use of the WSCAD solution is planned and determined. For example, the automatic creation of plans with the WSCAD Project wizard or the fully automatic generation of plans and documentation by external product configurators via the brand new WSCAD Automation Interface.

Migration Checkup - Planning a change of system professionally

Anyone who is planning to switch from an earlier WSCAD or external E-CAD software version to the latest WSCAD SUITE can save a lot of time with the Migration Checkup, while also ensuring the optimal use of the WSCAD solution for high productivity from the very beginning. The migration service makes the knowledge and experience of WSCAD experts easily accessible. To ensure a smooth migration process, a transition based on best practices is professionally planned and systematically prepared. In addition to the technical options and general conditions, even the integration into the IT environment of the company as well as the efficiency and continuity of the established processes are analyzed and evaluated. The cost of a transition thus provides a benefit at the same time and offers a unique opportunity to identify less efficient processes and throw ballast overboard.

The planning and preparation includes the new project structure and template projects, the characteristics and quality of the part data, the part database, and the transfer of master data such as macros, symbol libraries and lexicons. Also included are the transformation of existing projects from the previous system, the mapping and optimization of existing processes and procedures, delivery guidelines and design manuals, the customization and revision of forms and standard sheets down to the transfer of existing data and plans into the new system.

"Inefficient development processes or a feeling of insecurity in the context of a system change are certainly not necessary", explains Jürgen Panhölzl, Head of Global Business Services at WSCAD electronic GmbH. "Customers who lack the resources or the appropriate know-how can save a lot of time and quickly increase their overall productivity to a very high level by using our experience and knowledge in the form of the two new services".

With just a few days time, the two services ensure rapid implementation within an also attractive cost framework.


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