Speed up engineering time by more than factor 10 with the new WSCAD Automation Interface

External product configurators control the WSCAD SUITE and generate E-CAD plans and documentation in seconds!
Product configurators control the WSCAD SUITE via the WSCAD Automation Interface and produce complete E-CAD drawings and documentation within seconds (PresseBox) (Bergkirchen, ) The new buzzword for more speed and shorter development cycles is called WSCAD AI. With the new Automation Interface, it is now possible, for the first time, to create complete electrical plans and documentation in WSCAD via external product configurators such as SAP, Teamcenter, ACATEC or even individually developed applications. The basis is an XML file generated by the external application. The automation interface converts the information contained therein into a valid command language for the WSCAD software, and the creation of the plans then occurs automatically as if by magic.

The entire process runs as a background process in "silent mode". The WSCAD software does not need to be started, and even the users themselves need not be present during the creation of the plan. Software controls software - a step toward Industry 4.0. Because the interface is web-based, remote connectivity can be used as well. Clients can thus initiate the construction of a control cabinet or make changes in a schematic in the WSCAD systems of their service providers "over the network and at night" directly from within SAP, for example.

"The Automation Interface decreases development time significantly", said Jürgen Panhölzl, Head of Global Business Services at WSCAD, in a comment about the new feature. "The mechanisms for reuse and automation embedded in the WSCAD software are the keys to ensuring the consistently high quality of the work results." Users can enjoy tangible benefits: greater transparency in the entire engineering process, faster offers, shorter response times, lower costs and, ultimately, increased customer satisfaction.

Most recently, with spyydmaxx from ACATEC, we already have the first product configurator that uses the automation interface of WSCAD. With the spyydmaxx software, ACATEC is developing and distributing a solution for configuring machines and equipment. The ACATEC WSCAD solution, which was primarily available only in the field of mechanical engineering thus far, is now also mapping the field of electrical engineering for the first time. In the case of a motor, for example, information on the performance class, manufacturer and type of control can be stored in the configurator, and WSCAD can then instantly generate a suitable schematic or cabinet layout at the touch of a button.

The Automation Interface is an add-on for WSCAD SUITE and works smoothly together with all six disciplines: Electrical Engineering, Cabinet Engineering, Piping and Instrumentation (P&ID), Fluid Engineering, Building Automation and Electrical Installation.


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