Winter is coming ... this will help: Android App for frost protection and gutter de-icing

Android App to calculate the bill of material for frost protection and gutter de-icing. After input of the required data (very simple and fast) you will get a list of all needed material
Screen 1 (PresseBox) (Lauda-Königshofen, ) With this application, you get a complete material list for frost protection of pipes as well as for gutter and roof de-icing, both as required by entering the relevant data.
In addition, all necessary accessories, such as controllers, connection kits etc. will also be shown.
This material list can be sent directly from the app via email to creating a full material quote. You can also open our web-shop page and order materials directly. Your selected heating tape will be indicated. You can adjust the required quantity and also switch between web-shop page and material list so that all items indicated by the calculation are ordered.
Similar applies for the calculation of the bill of materials for gutter or roof surface heating.
Input entries are quick and easy with the input fields being self-explanatory. Instantly you know what you need for an effective and easy-to-install trace heating system.

You will find this very helpful Adroid app here.

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Here you will also find other useful application tips like pond heating and plant protection with heating cables.
To calculate a ready-made plug-in heating circuit you can also use the associated calculator on the homepage:
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