ISO Professional Services harmonizes SAP article master data of Bilfinger Water Technologies

(PresseBox) (Nürnberg, ) ISO Professional Services GmbH has been commissioned as the main contractor – along with its partners Class.Ing Ingenieurpartnerschaft GmbH and Omikron Data Quality GmbH – for a project by Bilfinger Water Technologies GmbH regarding the standardizing, de-duplicating and classifying of their article master data.

As part of the project, the standard components for almost one million sets of article master data in the SAP ERP system will be extracted, normalized, structured and checked for duplicates. Next, the cleansed material master data is classified according to the eClass standard including the related attribution and the creation of a class system specifically for Bilfinger. The particular challenge is the amount of product master data, which is maintained and used in more than 13 countries. The results are re-imported into the SAP classification system.

The division Water Technologies of the Bilfinger engineering and services group is a global leader in the supply of systems, components and services in the area of water and wastewater technology. The key to success is the range of products and services in the fields of water and wastewater management, screening and filtration technologies for separating solids from liquids and gases, as well as vacuum technology, all of which are offered as complete solutions for municipal and industrial customers.


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