EPLAX introduces new low-noise power supply

New 19" power supply with noise voltages below 4 mVss for highly sensitive applications
Veropower Low Noise Netzteil von EPLAX (PresseBox) (Bremen, ) EPLAX GmbH has expanded its portfolio of customized power supply solutions to include a 19” power supply for highly sensitive electronic measuring equipment designed to capture experimental ring accelerator data. To reduce ripples and spikes to the absolute minimum, EPLAX engineers built special filters for the output line. Despite the addition of these necessary filters, the power supply had to conform to the 7 TE measurements.

The dual output AC/DC power supply unit outputs 45 W. The quality of output voltages delivered is extraordinarily high: the noise voltage for all loads – idle to full load – is lower than 4 mVss.

Thanks to their large design pool and more than 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing customized power supplies, EPLAX was able to win this highly ambitious project by constructing a power supply units that meets all requirements without compromise.


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