Intensity Matters, Age Does Not!

Gery Colombo, PhD of Technical Sciences, CEO (PresseBox) (Volketswil, ) Older patients benefit from high-intensity neurorehabilitation just as much as young patients, proves a recent research paper published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry. “This is a concept we at Hocoma have been advocating since the beginning. Intensity is the key to rehabilitation,” confirms Dr. Gery Colombo, CEO and co-founder of the Swiss med-tech company Hocoma.

The group of scientists, Stefan Knecht, Bettina Studer, Jens Roßmüller, Klaus-Martin Stephan, from the Department of Neurology at Mauritius Hospital, and Michael Unrath, Klaus Berger from University of Münster, have classified patients into three groups according to their age: middle-aged (patients under the age of 65 years), old (patients aged 65 to 80) and very old (patients over the age of 80 years). All patients, 2,294 altogether, underwent a high-intensity multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation program.

The researchers found out that all three age groups showed a comparable functional improvement and appeared to have benefitted equally from the neurorehabilitation therapy.

Hocoma firmly believes in this concept: that intensive, repetitive task-oriented movements help our brain build new connections and restore movement and functionality in parts of the body affected by stroke or neurological disease. This neural plasticity works no matter how old we are.

Hocoma’s medical devices enable therapists to provide more therapy with a higher intensity to patients. “A therapist can treat more patients at the same time and train them more intensively thanks to our machines. They are also designed to optimize the quality and efficiency of the therapy and enhance the motivation of patients and medical staff," states Colombo.

Hocoma is also the only company in the world that provides such a broad portfolio of products that can support a patient through all rehabilitation stages – from acute/early rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient solutions, all the way to home therapy. We develop solutions to help people get back on their feet, regardless of age.

A living example of how one can benefit from high-intensity therapy is Dr. Bernd Krahl. “After two strokes, my chance of having a self-defined life again was less than one percent. So, I took it.” Today, Dr. Krahl runs a self-managed ambulatory rehabilitation center that offers intense training sessions for patients who have been deemed “untreatable”. He has enjoyed tremendous success with his patients and proves every day that intensive therapy helps  patients, young and old, to regain their quality of life.

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