Bargain Alternative to Navigation Systems: Notebook with Marco Polo Trip Planner and SVOX TTS

GPS Pilot gives the "Marco Polo Great Trip Planner" its own Voice
(PresseBox) (Karlsruhe and Zurich, ) MAP&GUIDE expands its travel and leisure offerings by introducing the new GPS Pilot. Equipped with SVOX text-to-speech technology and paired with a GPS Receiver, the new 2006/2007 "Marco Polo Great Trip Planner" can now talk. A new partnership between MAP&GUIDE and the Swiss company, SVOX, recognized leaders in embedded text-to-speech solutions, has recently been taken effect. SVOX is considered a leader in its field and is active in over 30 countries. The GPS Pilot is a small and inexpensive alternative to costly navigation systems.

The route planning functions are at the heart of the 2006/2007 "Marco Polo Great Trip Planner". They are based on detailed map information. In fact, street information for the whole of France is being gathered so that the new 2006/2007 version will include digital street finder maps for Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France. Also available are detailed maps of selected European cities like Madrid, London, Stockholm, and Oslo.

With the new GPS Pilot, all routes laid out with the 2006/2007version can also be used with notebook destination guides. SVOX's text-to-speech technology ensures that the GPS Pilot is clear and effective. The GPS Receiver simultaneously localizes the vehicle and pinpoints its position on the notebook's map, triggering the next driving command. This precision detail assures the reliability of the GPS Pilot voice output in conveying explicit directions that include not only turn left or right, but an actual street name and number. Therein lies the major advantage this GPS Pilot has over more conventional navigation systems. Added to that, the cost of the Marco Polo Great Trip Planner combined with the GPS Pilot and the GPS Receiver is still noticeably lower than that of a full-fledged navigation system. It offers anyone who is looking to travel, particularly, those who plan on the go, a great alternative.


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