The Lighting Switch: light control with a wireless switch

The Lighting Switch: light control with a wireless switch (PresseBox) (Dresden, ) Whether in private homes or industrial spaces, open plan offices or on the factory floor, intelligent light control facilitates everyday life and leads us toward a smart lighting concepts. With apps and the implementation on mobile devices easier light control becomes possible, but in various cases this is not enough. To provide smart lighting control with a wireless tab, dresden elektronik’s customers have been able to purchase the intelligent Scene Switch since December 2015. Now a new wireless switch, the Lighting Switch, expands the portfolio.

The Lighting Switch is a wireless switch that allows three different application possibilities and affords the multifunctional control of lighting groups. Users can set individual and easy key programming and choose between the warm white / cold white controlling, access and store up to two scenes or turn up to two groups of lights on and off and dim them.

Controlling single settings such as saturation, color temperature, and brightness is also possible.

Up to 20 lights can be set to the switch.

Another feature of the Lighting Switch comes with its handling. The switch does not have to be mounted on walls but can also be used as a portable switch. Light settings and atmospheric scenes can easily be controlled remotely. Intelligent light control is possible.

Just like the Scene Switch, the Lighting Switch is also compatible with ZigBee Home Automation systems and ZigBee Light Link systems like RaspBee Gateway and Philips Hue. Starting in May 2016 you can get your own intelligent switch from the dresden elektronik webshop or on Amazon.


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