Mechanical Security for 19-Inch Systems - Interlocking for CompactPCI Cards

CompactPCI Interlocking from MEN protects against unauthorized access
(PresseBox) (Nuremberg, Germany, ) Thanks to a new development of MEN Mikro Elektronik it is now possible for the first time to protect CompactPCI cards against unauthorized access and exchange. The interlocking is placed around the ejector of the cards and prevents actuation of the red unlocking button.

Security – Safe Hardware

A railway project for entertainment systems in trains gave the impetus to do this new development. In the project a protection against unauthorized exchange of the hard disk shuttles was needed. As this wasn’t possible until now, MEN itself did the development of such a protection without further ado.

Especially in times of the Internet of Things and cloud based server applications of course the security of data plays a crucial role. While the main focus here is on the development of software, the hardware also needs to fulfill the correspondent qualifications for secure communications and protection against external attacks to be really safe and reliable.

In addition to the new mechanical possibility using the interlocking of CompactPCI cards, MEN is of course working with different methods to achieve security for the communication and programming of the hardware.

These are for example TPM-enabled (Trusted Platform Module) chips, which facilitate encrypted data storage and secure booting, a password-protected BIOS for additional anti-tampering protection as does the security provided by “whitelisting”, i.e. blocking unauthorized applications.




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